* Are you are seeing these pictures as they are intended to be seen ? * If your monitor is not calibrated properly you may not be seeing the accurate colours and shades in my pictures. Try calibrating your monitor. Adobe gamma is in your control panel to help you do this. As a rough guide, set your contrast to maximum and brightness to about 75%

View from my bedroom window

Jet lag can really be a pain in the neck, you sleep when you don't want to and can't sleep when you want to. Fortunately there are things to do if you can't sleep at 5am. This is the view from the bedroom window in the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco. The F/1.4 Sigma really is a great lens for letting in as much light as possible.

The photograph was shot as a JPEG (I normally don't like to shoot JPEGs as they afford little control after the picture has been taken, RAW is so much better, but while travelling, when you know you will be taking upwards of 1500 shots I just don't have the storage available to shoot in RAW. I suppose I could carry a laptop and extra hard drive, but this was a pleasure trip not a business one.) using the Manual settings on a Canon EOS 400d (Kiss X); F/1.4; 1/100 Sec; ISO 1600; Pattern Metering Mode; 30 mm Focal Length; -0.7 (-2/3 of a stop) Exposure Compensation; Sigma DC 30mm F1.4 HSM SLD Lens. This picture was put together using Adobe photoshop CS3.