* Are you are seeing these pictures as they are intended to be seen ? * If your monitor is not calibrated properly you may not be seeing the accurate colours and shades in my pictures. Try calibrating your monitor. Adobe gamma is in your control panel to help you do this. As a rough guide, set your contrast to maximum and brightness to about 75%


This photograph of Venice was taken with a Pentax ME Super during a tour of Europe when I was eighteen.

It has been scanned, digitised, resized, then cleaned up a little bit in photoshop CS2; but mainly this is how it was shot.

I no longer have my notes for this shot, but as I was rolling my own film then, it would have more than likely been shot on TMAX 400 ASA (The dredded TMAX) I never got along with TMAX, it always used to underdevelop, event though the developing times were followed to the letter.